10 Ways To Use Tea Bags and Making Tea isn’t One

I am mostly a coffee person and rarely take tea. However, I came to learn of the many benefits tea possesses which we can enjoy drinking it. If you are a coffee fan you just can’t ignore these benefits despite never enjoying the drinking tea. Tea contains important nutrients and we can enjoy its benefits without taking it.

Here are the 10 hacks you can achieve with tea bags.

Tea derives its medicinal properties from a compound known as tannins which have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

1. Tea bags can be used to combat insomnia

If you frequently suffer from lack of sleep then you can use tea bags to relax your eye muscles. Lack of sleep causes your eyelids to strain and could be contributing to your lack of sleep. Soak tea bags in warm water and then place them over your eyelids. Ensure that the tea bags are not soggy when placing them over your eyelids. The warm feeling helps to soothe one into sleep by making us feel relaxed.

2. Fight dandruff

Dandruff can be a nuisance and can lead to self-esteem problems. You might have tried hundreds of shampoos to no avail. The answer to combating dandruff has been all there with you. Tea contains active ingredients that help in fighting dandruff. Boil water, then add some tea bags into the hot water. After the water has cooled down proceed to rinse your head and hair with it. Compounds within the tea prevent the build-up of dandruff thus preventing those embarrassing moments. It also prevents skin irritation brought about by dandruff. You can follow this routine for a couple of weeks and you will note the progress.

3. Gets of shoe odor

Smelly shoes can greatly inconvenience someone. This problem is quite common especially if you are not wearing socks. When a shoe starts smelling it very tough to completely get rid of the smell. However, there is a tea bag hack. Placing dry tea bags in each shoe helps absorb the smell. Try it out and you will be amazed at the results.

4. Clean up dishes

Cleaning dishes with food stuck on it can give you a hard time. You can soak the dishes in water and some tea bags into the water. This creates a solution that helps in loosening up the food. It is quite easy and works. If you have run out of dishwashing soap, try this out and be amazed.

5. Defog bathroom mirrors

Soaking tea bags in water and then using this solution to clean the mirrors is a great way of defogging. Steam will not build up on the mirror after you have cleaned it using this mixture.

6. Get rid of odors in your hands

Spices and onions are a major put off while cooking. After cutting up onions getting rid of the odor is tough. Rubbing wet tea bags gets rid of the annoying odor.

7. Adding flavor to pasta

Feeling a little adventurous with your pasta recipe. You can give a unique flavor to the pasta by adding tea bags to the water. Ensure that you do not use too many tea bags. Hard boiling the tea bag for a long time will destroy the flavor of the pasta. One tea bag should give your pasta a new unique taste.

8. Protect plants from anti-fungal infections

Used tea bags can be used to weak tea which will be used to water the plants. Be careful not to make it strong as it will raise pH levels which could kill the plant. Tea can be used to protect your plants from fungal infections especially when the conditions are humid. Tea has anti-fungal properties and adds vital nutrients to the soil. Do not just throw away your used tea bags.

9. Get rid of stains on the rug

Soaking tea bags in water creates a solvent that gets rid of stubborn stains on the rug. You can dampen and then split the tea bags on the rug. The tea leaves absorb odor and give the rug a refreshing smell. Let the tea leaves stay on the carpet for a while before proceeding to vacuum it. The gives your rug a longer life span and gets rid of stubborn odors.

10. As air fresheners

Tea bags can be used as air fresheners. If you are tired of the synthetic air fresheners you can experiment with tea bags. Hang the tea bags around your house to give it a refreshing new smell.

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