Childhood Development Process

Childhood is an important period in the life of any child as it’s a massive development period. Both the brain and the body face a lot of very speed change. All these changes have their impact on Intelligence, Interaction, Behavior and emotions. In fact, it’s very hard to make a comparison for emotions between a baby and a teenager.

A real case study:

Let’s talk about a real case study of a child in the secondary school and the teacher marks “Bad Behavior” in his chart. The next step, we meet the parents and start asking them some questions mainly about Social, Behavioral, Emotional, Social, & Physical issues related to the child.

During the meeting and the mother’s comments, we get to know that everything was normal until the new baby arrives to the world while he was at the age of nine. The new born baby was suffering from colic and was demanding his mother almost all the time. That makes it worse is the anxiety of transition from Primary school to secondary school. At that time, some parental problems appear as the father was almost going to lose his job.

From all the above, we will see that the child was doing well and living a normal life until he reaches nine. With the coming of the new baby and the beginning of the parental problems, the deterioration starts to appear.

From this case study, we get to know that the cycle of growth goes through some stages as getting older. This cycle starts from infancy up to adolescence and child development focuses on how to encourage our children in each and every stage. There are lots of psychological and biological changes that happens during their life and consequently have great impacts on the rest of their lives. Accordingly, the parents have to give very high attention to the upraising of their kids and their childhood development is in a healthy way.

What is physical stage?

Physical stage means everything from crawl up to walk and run. At this stage and as a growing adult we need to urge them to do some kind of sport and make sure that they can do all these everyday things and take them for granted, like walking, eating, using computer, or cooking.

How to be Autonomous?

Human beings are born fragile from the earliest age to be fragile and always expecting his mother to come and solve all his problems. As the infant grows elder he get better view of his life and takes his first step to depend on his own and become independent from their parents.

The psychological process to be autonomous is a little bit hard to understand. But the clear definition that the scientists has given us is that that the good relationship with the parents really has very good impact on the children’s growth.

We also have to realize that the children starts to differentiate between the right and the wrong from the examples he sees in the world around them. The next step is that they start to test it to have better understanding of life. The most trying period is from toddler to preschool ages as the child in this age is exploring the world around him by asking too many questions. When we come to adolescence, it’s a little bit different both at physical and psychological development. During puberty there are a lot of changes in the hormones and this is always followed by confusion and intense.

Adolescence is the last chain in childhood development, and it starts from 13 to 20. By the age of 18, we can rely on them to go out alone and start exploring the world on their own way, in the sense they can choose their friends, taking decisions and taking care of themselves also under the care of their parents with less attention than during infancy.

The role of the parents in upraising their children healthy:

The majority of the theories shows that the parents have huge role in the development of their own children. We also have to know that the genetic and physical aspects also has its magic effect on their development. Also, nature has its key role in the growing process. In spite of all the information mentioned above, it’s still the parents that are the most important aspect in the formation of the children character. The experience received from the parents have the most impact that remains with them until the rest of their lives.

Of course all of us want to be a good parent and upraise our children on the proper way and that’s why many books have been written on this subject. All the theories prove that the children who go to the preschool and learn how to communicate with other children in the same age are better adapted throughout their whole lives. Our main advice is to respect our children and accordingly, they will respect us as well as themselves.

The role of society on the childhood development:

Of course, the society plays a key role and has an impact on our kids. Today they are kids and by tomorrow they will be adults. In fact, without a healthy childhood, they won’t live an appropriate life. We need to give our kids some freedom to play and enjoy their childhood and having good relationship with their parents. By keeping in mind all the information and knowing how to treat up the kids of today we are helping the world to reach a better place.

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