Children Jealousy Treatment

Best steps to overcome children jealousy:

Many mothers complain from the first child jealousy of his second brother or sister, especially if the time difference between them is not great. As the first child at a young age still depends entirely on the mother and does not feel safe without her presence, and he feels anger and extreme jealousy if she go out for some time to do anything. So, what about letting them alone to take care of another child who he cannot realize that it is not his brother or sister. It will be easy to overcome this problem if followed some advises.
how to treat children jealousy

Waiting illusion:

When your new baby to sleep and be in a relaxed state does not need to your care & help at the time, talk to him aloud to let older brother or sister hear you telling the baby that he has to wait a bit to do something to the older one because he is in need of it. If he heard that, he will feel calm and not to jealous.

For sure, the new baby will not understand what you say or even care about that. But the older one will be very happy because he fancy that he is your first interest as he is the older one.

Photos album:

Gather many photos to your first child when he was a baby and let him see them to feel that he was at the same circumstances when he was young and he was need help all the time. Also, let him know that you were care about him and help him all the time. SO, normally, the new child needs the same care and help in this early age. He will realize that the more care is back to the early age not to your love one of them more than the other.

Stories and tales:

Tell many stories and tales to your older child about older ages to realize that the older can do some things themselves without their mother’s help such as washing teeth, playing with the ball, and etc. try to let him feel that he is the older who can do brave things, able to do things for himself, and sometimes can depend on himself.

Preparing your child:

Whether your child is a male or female give him a doll to play with, before your delivery to be ready mentally and psychologically to meet a new member in the family. Also, teach him how to treat with the doll kindly and when his new sister or brother birth, he should be at the same level of emotions and kindness with doll. You have to help the doll such as change its cloths, feeding it, and so on to make him get used to see the same with the new baby.

Concentrating the interest:

Ask the family members when they visit your house to meet the older child passionately in the first and let him feel with their interest focused mainly on him more than other family members which makes him not feel any jealous if others care about the new child after him. Since he got the best of their interest and kindness than the new child.
how to deal with jealousy of children

Distributing roles:

Ask your first child to do some assistance to his younger brother or sister that assistance is appropriate according to his age abilities such as helping you in changing the baby’s clothes or bringing the diapers to you. Also, in the shower time of new baby, ask the older child to pour some water on the baby for foreplay, this is a great factor that let the older child to feel more responsibility and positive feelings toward the baby instead of jealousy feelings.


Make sure to tell your older child that every time you buy a new doll or new clothes that the younger brother participated in the selection and purchase of these things, and that he cares so out of love for the older child, this is enough to generate grateful feelings for the older child and he tries to exchange the baby for those feelings.

finally, it is your skills and abilities to deal with jealousy of your first child. Those some ideas to fix your problems, but your touch is segnificant and effective in overcoming any problem you face.


Hope you enjoy the article and waiting your comments and feedback passionately.

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