How to choose the best game for your child?

How to choose the best game for your child?

No doubt that it is very important to choose the best appropriate game for your child which fit his age to improve his level of intelligence and to develop his skills better.

0 – 12 months:

The game in this period of time must simulate the senses of your child such as sight, hearing, and touching. For example, the sound plastic toys, toys that produce sounds while pressure on them, washable filled toys, and so on.

1 – 2 years:

In this period, games must serve the nature of your child. The child’s nature loves to discover everything. For example, the story books with large pictures, kids’ cars, cubes, puzzle, kids’ telephone, colorful toys, and every game and toy that incentive their spirit of discovery and learning.

2 – 5 years:

In this period, you have to choose for your child the short story books, writing boards, safe crayons, house tools, cars, triple cycle, and garden toys such as sand box.

5 – 9 years:

Games in this age help in developing and improving the intelligence and creativity of the child. For example, the electric train, bicycle, football, puzzle, tools of professionals such as doctor and nursing tools.

10 – 14 years:

In this age, the scientific games and those games that are consistent to the child’s talent are the most appropriate for this category of children. For example, computer games, microscope and magnifier, sports, collecting habit such as collecting coins and stamps.

Finally, your child is your treasure, so do your best to keep him in the best and develop his skills till reach his best.

Small details make the significant difference.

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