Symptoms of Back Pain Causes And Tips

Back pain

Back pain is the most common complaint heard among the adults these days. It has been estimated that people do suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime. It is the most common reason to visit the doctor and take leave from your work/ office. National Health Service suggests back pain as the major cause of work related absence. Though back pain is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, it is generally not a serious problem. It can affect people of all age groups but is commonly observed in people aging between thirty-five to fifty-five years.

Back pain

Symptoms of Back Pain

The primary symptom of back pain is pain anywhere on the back and most of the times, it extends down to towards the legs and buttocks. If you experience any of the symptoms below, it is vital to see your doctor soon. The back pain symptoms include elevated body temperature, weight loss, persistent back pain, inflammation on the back, pain extending downwards towards knees and legs, urinary incontinence, difficulty in urination, numbness near the genitals and anus, fecal incontinence and numbness around the buttocks.

Causes of Back Pain

The back of a person is made up of a complex structure of ligaments, muscles, disks, tendons, and bones. Problems with any of these can result in back pain. Some common causes of back pain are-

Strain- the most common cause of back pain are strained ligaments, strained muscles, muscle spasm, lifting too heavy objects, lifting something improperly or as a result of awkward and abrupt movement.

Cauda equine syndrome- people suffering from this syndrome experience mild pain in the upper buttocks and lower back. There is a lack of feeling in the thigh, genitalia, and buttocks.

Cancer of the spine- a tumor present on the spine sometimes is compressed over a nerve and this result in back pain.

Spine infection- if a person has a fever and a tender warm area on the back, it may be due to the infection of the spine.

Shingles- it is an infection that affects the nerves of the body.

Sleeping disorders- people with sleep disorders possibly experience back pain as compared to those who do not have sleep disorders.

Bad mattress- if you sleep on a mattress that does not support particular body parts and fail to keep the spine straight, there are higher possibilities of developing back pain.

Diagnosis of Back Pain

Since the back pain causes are very complex, it is generally difficult to get a proper diagnosis for it as compared to other disorders. Nevertheless, getting a precise diagnosis of back pain causes is vital since varied diagnosis need varied treatment approaches. More sooner is the back pain diagnosed; earlier the person can come across a perfect treatment plan for pain relief and enhance their abilities to enjoy daily activities.

A precise clinical diagnosis for back pain depends on correlating the results of the diagnostic tests like MRI with the patient’s particular symptoms and the doctor’s evaluation from the physical examination.

Tips to avoid back pain – back pain is a very common physical injury. You may experience it, if you lift heavy objects, sit in front of the PC for long hours or stand for a longer time. The point here is that back pain can get serious and it could be a long-term injury that may alter one’s lifestyle. It is difficult to recover and so, it is always preferable to avoid it. Below given are some useful tips on how to avoid back pain.

  • Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling; whatever is possible for you.
  • Build up muscular flexibility and strength
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Do not lift too heavy loads
  • See to it that you sleep comfortably on a good bed mattress that will support the muscles of the back.
  • Avoid being overweight that puts a lot of stress on the back muscles while sitting or standing.
  • Avoid prolonged standing. You can take small breaks if needed to get instant relief from back pain.
  • See to it that you get adequate night sleep that will recover from all the bodily disorders and you wake up fresh the next morning.

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